“What writing is. Telepathy, of course… All the arts depend upon telepathy to some degree, but I believe that writing offers the purest distillation.”
– Stephen King
Language has the most incredible power of all: the ability to change how you think, what you think, who you think about, why you do what you do. Without language, it’s fair to say we’d all just cruise around in our own little worlds with hardly any interesting interaction at all. That’s what amoeba do. We’re not amoeba. We’re human. You’re human, and language makes you so.

The power of words is a restive, latent power. It’s all around you, but it needs to be channelled in the right direction. When done well, it can move emotions, change moods, create motivation, cause people to rise up, change history. You’ve been moved before, and the strong stories are part of your story.

Words and language are fascinating, and very powerful when used well. They are the building blocks of effective content across all media. This blog is a collection of thoughts and adventures on writing and content creation as they arise.

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