Friday, 12 August 2016

Thank me later...

It's 7:30am and my mouse was annoying the hell out of me. Do you know the feeling, when your mouse doesn't do what you tell it to do? You go to point at something and the thing that the mouse was on moves (really I don't recommend using a notebook as a mousepad as I have been for weeks), or the damn laser on the mouse isn't agreeing with the glass-top desk (see above picture). Soooo frustrating! Distracts from the process of crafting superb, elegant, clever and crafty copy, it does. Ok, so maybe I'm just having a grumpy moment...

ANY WAY... I have the solution!!! There is a cheap and cost effective way to remove this irritant from your life! With a few simple items, you too can enjoy the smooth glide of accurate mouse pointing!

Step 1: Take a plain ol' manilla folder and cut it in half so that you have a nice flat piece of card.
Step 2: Tape it down firmly and flatly to your stylish glass top desk.
Step 3: Put mouse on it and start using!!

SIMPLE! Problem solved! Plus you could even scribble notes on your new mouse pad (that only cost cents to build!)

There. Done. It's ok, this advice was free. You can thank me later.

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